Aarushi (English) (Paperback)

Aarushi (English) (Paperback)

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Aarushi (English) (Paperback) - Details

Aarushi, The murders that gripped the nation Seven years ago a teenage girl, Aarushi Talwar, was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida, a middle-class suburb of Delhi. The body of the prime suspectthe family servant, Hemrajwas discovered a day later. Who had committed the double murders and why? Within weeks, Aarushis parents, the Talwars, were accused, four years later, they went on trial and were convicted.

But did they do it ? Avirook Sen attended the trial, accessed important documents and interviewed all the playersfrom Aarushis friends to Hemrajs old boss, from the investigators to the forensic scientiststo write a meticulous and chilling book that reads like a thriller but also tells a story that is horrifyingly true. Aarushi is the definitive account of a sensational crime and the investigation and trial that followed.

Aarushi (English) (Paperback) - Detailed Information

Specifications of Aarushi (English) (Paperback)

Book Details
Publisher Penguin India
ISBN-10 0143421212
Imprint Penguin India
Number of Pages 312 Pages
Publication Year 2015
Language English
ISBN-13 9780143421214
Binding Paperback
Authored By Avirook Sen

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