Head First Java (English) 2nd Edition

Head First Java (English) 2nd Edition

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Head First Java (English) 2nd Edition - Details

Head First Java, this is a book that is tailored for Java novices. Ideal for those who are interested in learning Java but have been put off by the complexities of learning the language, Head First Java explores a new way of teaching the same. Head First Java is aimed at people who are complete novices when it comes to programming with the language, and the book makes the learning experience fun - one thats filled with innovative and novel measures.

If you're not a fan of wracking your brain with dull theoretical concepts that put you to sleep, Head First Java can be a welcome addition to your shelf. The book starts from the fundamentals and progresses to extremely advanced levels, employing an easy-to-learn approach throughout. From distributed programming with RMI and network sockets, object oriented design, and object properties and methods, to graphical user interfaces, Java archives, network connectivity and Java 5.0, the book explores every facet of the programming language with mysteries, puzzles and visuals that will keep you engaged.

The unusual format is based on the theory that the brain needs stimulation to grasp complex issues. The adopted approach brings about a considerable reduction in the time required to grasp the language. About The Author Kathy Sierra is a well-known game developer and programming inspector. She has worked as a master trainer for Sun Microsystems. Shes also one of the founders of JavaRanch, the online community of Java programmers.

Other books of hers that shes co-authored with Bert Bates include Head First Design Patterns Head First EJB Head First Servlets and JSP Bert Bates has been involved in the area of software development for more than 25 years. He has been the lead developer for many Java certification exams. He is also a consultant in the area of artificial intelligence. He has co-authored the Head First series of books with Kathy Sierra.

Head First Java (English) 2nd Edition - Detailed Information

Specifications of Head First Java (English) 2 Edition (Paperback)

University Books Details
Specialization Computer Science Engineering
Term 4th Semester
Book Details
Publisher O' Reilly
ISBN-10 8173666024
Edition 2
Number of Pages 730 Pages
Publication Year 2005
Language English
ISBN-13 9788173666025
Binding Paperback
Authored By Kathy Sierra

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